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Intermittent Claud-X Miracle

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  • SUPPLEMENTS TO SOOTHE PAINFUL MUSCLE CONTRACTIONS: Intermittent Claud-X Miracle is an all natural formula that's formulated to relieve intermittent painful muscle contractions, numbness, tingling, fatigue, and chronic discomfort in other parts of the body; it includes vitamin B2, B12, C, D and K among others.
  • RELIEF FOR THE LONG-TERM: Intermittent Claud-X Miracle may support the neurological messages sent to different parts of the human body to relieve painful muscle cramping, twitches, spasms or any other types of muscle contractions; this soothe formula may also relax the entire nervous system and improves blood circulation to minimize non-motor symptoms of Intermittent Claudication such as fatigue, stress and other negative emotion
  • NATURAL INTERMITTENT CLAUDICATION RELIEF WITH OPTIMIZED RESULTS OVER TIME: while some people may observe results within days of taking Intermittent Claud-X Miracle the results of this medication are generally observed over time when you continue taking it; please always consult your doctor first before taking any medication long term
  • NOBEL PRIZE WINNING RESEARCH on nitric oxide, the MIRACLE MOLECULE of the century, is at the foundation of this formula.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Intermittent Claud-X Miracle supplement is made in the USA, so you can be assured of its quality and efficacy over time.