Dystonia Symptoms

Dystonia is a medical terminology that represents a group of neurological movement disorders. It causes involuntary muscle contraction and twisting that leads to repetitive movements, spasms, and abnormal body posture that are painful at times. According to an analysis conducted in 2017, the prevalence rate of dystonia is 1% Types of Dystonia There are many types of dystonia that are capable of affecting one body part, one muscle or the muscles throughout the body. The five primary types include the following. Focal dystonia – Affects a single part of the body, i.e., eyes or hands. Its examples include musician’s dystonia....

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Dystonia Treatment

Health is the greatest blessing. We often hear this phrase, but only a few of us understand its worth. Especially those suffering from serious health issues wish to live a healthy life like other people every day. To make this possible, physicians and doctors are making real strides. From diagnosis to treatment, they are doing everything in their hands to help people suffering from serious health problems, such as dystonia! If you’re seeking a guide about dystonia treatment, stay put! As we’re going to share everything about Dystonia treatment and supplements. Definition of Dystonia  First of all, you should know...

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Dystonia vs Tremor

Dystonia and Tremor are common movement disorders that may exist independently or coexist. There are many commonalities between Dystonia and tremors. Isolated Tremor, Isolated Dystonia, and essential Tremor share the same phenomenological spectrum. If a patient with Dystonia shows no features of Tremor, it leads to diagnostic uncertainty. Here is a guide to enlighten you with the prerequisite information regarding Dystonia vs. Tremor. What is Tremor? In clinical practice, Tremor is the most commonly encountered movement disorder. It involves the physiological rhythmic oscillation of a body part under certain conditions, including cold and fear. Such kind of involuntary rhythmic oscillation...

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Apple Cider Vinegar Supplements vs. Liquid

Apple cider vinegar is produced through the fermentation of apple juice. It serves as a scientifically proven remedy for various health ailments. Some people are well aware of the miraculous benefits of this culinary ingredient to our health, hair, skin, and overall fitness, and thus they toss back a shot of it as part of their morning routine.   While others are still in a fog about this health tonic available in various forms from gummies to liquids, if you are also new to this game and are looking for a detailed guideline to help you make a wise choice...

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